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my top 5 tips to getting hired as a performer again and again

This one is for my performer friends out there. I got into a long conversation with Tom, the wonderful man that is responsible for hiring Philo and I for "Soulstice", the annual solstice celebration at the Cleveland museum of art this past weekend. Philo has been performing there 6 years in a row. This was my 2nd year. There is a good reason Tom has hired Philo again and again (and me too)! What I want to share with you, from our deep dive in conversation, has the potential to make you a performer that gets hired again and again as well. Here is the secret....

your thoughts are like your youtube feed

The other day I was researching a professor who had been pointed out as a conservative and transphobe. I was watching his videos to make my own judgment as to his character because I had seen some of his lecture videos that were really smart and impactful. More on this subject in another blog, but for the purposes of this one lets just say, I watched enough of them that my youtube feed began to change its flavor. It went from mostly populated with videos on spiritual matters, liberal topics and politics to slightly conservative characters and even began to toe into inflammatory right wing characters. What we choose to watch triggers the youtube (and facebook) algorithms to send us more like it. I am pretty dang far left leaning so having my feed begin to be overrun with things that I don't agree with and are emotionally triggering, wasn't exactly welcome.... READ MORE