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What is more responsive, HDPE or PolyPro?

 I recently got a question from a customer that I thought deserved a longer response. I am using this question as a launching off point for the greater discussion of the differences between PolyPro and HDPE... READ MORE


A Return to the Stage!




Recently an old video of a performance of mine popped back up on Facebook and is being shared around again (find the video below)... READ MORE


Self-Worth or Personal Value??




For the last year or so I had been pressuring myself to put out more hoop videos in order to stay with the “trend” of all the youtube hoopers. The problem is, I tend to freeze on camera or on stage for that matter. Seriously, video of me at my best is super super rare... READ MORE

Photo by Cadencia Photography


Life's a trip... a road trip that is! :)





 I awoke this morning with a metaphor running through my head. Life is like one endless road trip. Your car is packed with all the goodies that make you comfortable and some that weigh you down... Read MORE