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the macro or the micro?

There are always multiple levels at which to engage with life. Like the focus on a camera, you can choose to focus in on the tiniest detail, or zoom out and take in the whole picture. Both have gifts to offer and neither is right or wrong. The art in direction of focal point lies in realizing it is the one holding the camera that chooses the focus. The camera holds the technology, but not the will. Like a camera in your hands, our minds hold the technology to focus on what you direct it towards. Also, like a camera, our minds have an "auto" function that works just fine most of the time. That is unless you want to be specific about the frame, capture and subject you want in your lens. It is you that learns to choose when to zoom in and when to zoom out.

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Yesterday I talked about the importance of shaking things up to alleviate mental stagnation and increase a sense of aliveness in your day to day life. Today, perhaps as a balancer, I am reminded of the importance of something more... hmmm...... work-like and practical. Sigh. You see, I have several big projects that have been on the back burner for various reasons for months. Some of those reasons are real logistic reasons I am somewhat at the the mercy of, but one major reason these projects have not moved to the front burner of my thousand burner stove of life, is embarrassingly simple. I have failed, in the last couple months to actually write them in my calendar. uh... yeah. DUH. 

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get off the ride

Today followed basically the same story arc as most of my days. Get up, get some work done on various projects, go take care of the horses, stop at the store for food items, get my daily practices in and write my blog. Of course not every day is exactly the same, but there is a certain sameness of rhythm present in most of my days. I caught myself feeling that slight brain fog and dizziness that usually precedes the periodic overwhelm I experience. At first, I thought.. "what the heck? I'm having a good day, doing and working on things I choose to do with my whole heart, how could I be overwhelmed??" 

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you are a content machine!

I have had a few people ask how I come up with new content every day for my blog. I think there are many factors to this. Some I am aware of and some I am still digging into as result of opportunity to ask myself... "just how DO I write about something different every day for the last 46 days?". Here are my top 4 things so far that help me create every day :) .... READ MORE

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practical "law of attraction"

I used to be a die hard Abraham fan. If you haven't heard if them, they are as woowoo a source of spiritual insight and information as one can get. Because, that's how I roll... sometimes ;) Abraham is a collection of entities channeled by Esther Hicks and one of the main originators of the "law of attraction" craze. She was featured on the first iteration of the movie, 'the secret". Before you click out of here because you think you know what I am going to say, hang in for a minute.. if you will. Here is why I stopped listening the Esther Hicks and Abraham....

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