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In my morning meditations/journaling sessions I have made it a practice to ask Spirit/God/the Universe for guidance around various subjects. Then I quiet myself for a moment and write the answer. It is amazing what comes out sometimes! I highly recommend trying this.. Here is my answer from yesterday when I asked about opening my heart again after some challenges have left me feeling separate from the pure loving openness I have become somewhat accustomed to.

"Your heart will open when it opens. It is enough that you desire it and that you practice in faith that it WILL open again. Forgive and find healing. Give up all attachment to being right OR wrong and find freedom. BE fully who you are in whatever state and find acceptance of the human condition. There are more flavors of love and beauty than just the "peak" exalted states. Be willing to savor the taste of exactly where you are now in knowing that the only assured thing is that it WILL change. Dive deeply into the subtle and unique texture of the emotions offered in the moment, knowing its fleeting nature, without labeling or resisting. Be as a child experiencing things for the first time with no words to describe it. Do not reach for words as they are the gateway to the mind. Instead BE in the frequency of the feeling. Only in learning a new vocabulary of energetics, pure spirit and feeling tones can you eventually shift your state directly and on the deepest level."

Sending love to you all on your journeys!

xoxo Anah

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