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Yesterday I talked about the importance of shaking things up to alleviate mental stagnation and increase a sense of aliveness in your day to day life. Today, perhaps as a balancer, I am reminded of the importance of something more... hmmm...... work-like and practical. Sigh. You see, I have several big projects that have been on the back burner for various reasons for months. Some of those reasons are real logistic reasons I am somewhat at the the mercy of, but one major reason these projects have not moved to the front burner of my thousand burner stove of life, is embarrassingly simple. I have failed, in the last couple months to actually write them in my calendar. uh... yeah. DUH. 

Do you, like me, find yourself remembering big things that you want to do, but stop in the mental stage, rather than actually commit the time, in specificity to your calendar? I don't know, maybe unlike me, you are the type of person that can just remember all the things that are up for you to do and, get them DONE. If so, I envy you. However, I find that for me, I will forget projects, even really big, awesome and inspiring projects, unless I sit down with my calendar at the beginning of each week and schedule the shit out of things. Maybe its a down side of all the focus I put on being in the moment? Anyway, I digress ;) heh. 

SO, this week I am reinvigorating my practice of committing important forward moving actions to my calendar. I find that the more specific the times and defined the tasks, the better I am at following through and getting things done. Otherwise, its far too easy for me to say yes to doing things that are filling in the spaces that should be filled by forwarding my dreams. 

So, lets do it together shall we? Pick one thing that has been on your back burner WAY too long and find a spot in your calendar. Add as many alerts as you need to to be sure you see it. I like to make an alert for a few days out, an hour out and at the time of. If you screw up the first couple times you try to fit it in, don't beat yourself up. You are in process of jumping into the reality of moving on that big important thing. Far closer than NOT putting it in your calendar at all! Just be sure to put it in another spot right away so it stays on your radar. Oh, and key to this is being able to keep your word to yourself. That means if you blocked out Thursday night from 6pm - 10 pm to work on your project/goal and you get a call from your friends to go out, you say NO. They will understand, I swear. And if they don't, they are sucky friends anyway and you can do better. ha!

As always, we are all in this together... lets rock it, shall we?

xo Anah

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