Hoop Size

What size hoop should I choose?

What size hoop to use is a much debated and highly personal subject. In my opinion most people size down way too quickly these days, making the learning process a much bumpier road (especially when it comes to body hooping). If you are just starting out a general rule is the larger your waist circumference, the larger the hoop you will need. A good average size is 40 - 42 inches in the 7/8 tubing. If you are a tiny human you may be able to get away with smaller, but hooping is supposed to be FUN... why beat your head against a brick wall? When it comes to off-body (learn more about this in the Hoop FAQ), smaller and lighter is key, so if that is your "thing" go for a hoop in the 3/4 tubing. It is very common for newer hoopers to have hoops in multiple sizes while learning. Over time you may find a happy "medium", mine (after 17 years) is a 3/4 hoop in 35 inches :) I hope that helps!

Here are some guidelines for choosing your hoop size:

  • 3/4 tubing: 33 - 35 inch; excellent for beginning to advanced off-body hooping, advanced BodyRockers, fast core hooping, sustained spinning, petite hoopers and kids.
  • 7/8 tubing: 38 inch; Good for petite or athletic beginners, those that want to try a lighter hoop but are still learning the foundational movements of hoop dance, and body rockers!
  • 7/8 tubing:  40 inch; Good for most beginners, heavier hoopers, body rockers or those that specifically want to lose weight (use it off body for buff arms!).
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